Running Tip of the Week

October 9, 2009

There is something about those last couple of weeks before the marathon, when you are cutting back your mileage, getting more rest, and preparing for the big race, when everything, and I do mean everything, seems to bother you more.

DON’T GET CAUGHT in TAPER TRAPS! Check out the article at: http://bit.ly/wKicN



  1. Chris “Shrews” is an enthuserator, motivator and instigator. Even If You have no ability whatsoever, Coach Chris would blast you to the finish line by the intensity in his eye and the love in his heart! If you’ve ever thought about running a marathon but had doubts, let this guy wash away your fears, fill you full of confidence and turbocharge your legs. I’ve been a coach and runner all my life and never met anyone like Chris. You’re just going to love this guy. If I’m wrong then you can set my hair on fire!

  2. Very helpful article from Running World for those of you on your first marathon… I’ve experienced this first hand in the last 2 weeks. Pains I have not had in 4 months of training hit me last weekend. My first marathon is next weekend. Good to know that these are normal.

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